Q:  Who can stay at OK Kids Korral?
A:  Patients receiving cancer treatment at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center and other nearby facilities.

Q:  How can I book a reservation for my family?
A:  Your physician or social worker must submit a referral form for a patient/family’s first visit.  After the form has been sent, Korral staff will notify both the submitting source and the family.

If you are a returning resident, you may call the Korral directly to reserve your room.

Q:  How much does it cost to stay at OK Kids Korral?
A:  There is no charge to stay at the Korral.

Q:  What happens if I call to make a reservation and the Korral is full?
A:  If the Korral is full, families are referred to their social worker who will assist in making alternative arrangements.

Q:  Are all the meals provided?
A:  The Korral does not have in-house food service, but the staff at OK Kids Korral will attempt to have many meals provided each week for families.  However, there is a large communal kitchen available and families are encouraged to make their favorite meals.

Q:  Is there wireless internet in the house?
A:  There is wireless internet in most of the community areas inside the Korral. A wireless access code may be obtained at the Welcome Desk.

Q:  Are there TVs in the rooms?
A:  There is one TV in each guest room and several more throughout the house.

Q:  Should we bring strollers and car seats ourselves?
A:  To be safe, please bring your own stroller and car seats for your child.  We will have some inside the Korral but we cannot assure you that one will be available each time you need it.