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September 7, 2019
The Fish Bowl benefiting OK Kids Korral
We are thrilled to announce a brand new event this year called The Fish Bowl. The tournament is part of the annual Sand Bass Festival in 2019 and we are honored to partner with such a popular community event. All proceeds from the fishing tournament go to the operations of OK Kids Korral. First place in the Bass division is $10,000. So, sign up here! You can also print a registration form and send it to: The Toby Keith Foundation, 818 NE 8th Street, OKC, OK 73104 before Aug. 23, 2019. Download the form here.
Click here for a complete copy of the rules.

If you would like to be a sponsor of any of our events, please email us at or call us anytime at 405-271-6552.
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Teen Volunteers are Integral to Cancer Support Programs

on October 21, 2015

Shorter days and cooler weather are sure signs that summer is behind us, and as it always does, time will move us swiftly into the holiday season – the season of giving. Typically, in these next few months our thoughts are centered on pumpkin spiced lattes, twinkle lights, finding the perfect present for our mother, husband, neighbor… you get the idea. Our children spend hours crafting the perfect wish list, and many even search for ways to earn money to buy the perfect presents for their loved ones. You’ve pulled out the seasonal decor and meticulously planned celebration meals, ensuring that all the “must haves” will be on the table. It is undeniably a joyful and exciting time. But, what if this year you did something a little different? What if you added to your holiday traditions and let your children learn firsthand what gift giving truly can be? What if you encouraged your teen to spend a few of those hours volunteering for those who aren’t fortunate enough to open presents on the living room floor or pile into the car to visit family across town?


Not sure that it makes a difference? We promise… it does. Of course it impacts the lives of those in need, but what your child will get by giving is so much more. SO much more, in fact, that we narrowed it down to the top five benefits:


1) Volunteering is the perfect safe place to learn leadership skills. In just a short time, they realize that their efforts do make a difference, which turns into self-confidence, which then reinforces decision-making abilities.


2) By volunteering, teens are often exposed to situations they wouldn’t normally encounter on a day-to-day basis. By broadening their experiences, they become more well-rounded individuals who are better able to communicate and interact with a wide range of people.


3) If you volunteer with your teen, you will surely develop and strengthen a bond unlike any other situation cultivates. You will be spending time together doing something that really makes a difference, and that is so special.


4) Teens who volunteer grow into adults with a sense of responsibility. They are compassionate citizens who stay aware of issues and actively participate in the solution.


5) Finally, while we can’t say that this is the most important reason, it might be the most applicable in today’s society: volunteering teaches teens appreciation. We live in a very materialistic world, and the best way for our youth to understand that people are born into different levels of fortune is to see it firsthand.


So talk with your teens. Look at our volunteer opportunities, pencil it into your calendar, and let them see that giving their time to an Oklahoma children nonprofit is better than anything they can put a bow on.