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News & Events

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December 9, 2018
OK Kids Korral Toy Ride
Santa isn't the only one who delivers presents and brings joy to children. Hundred of people have hopped on their motorcycles and delivered Christmas joy to children and their families battling cancer. We'd love for you to join us! Please click here to learn more about sponsoring or to register your bike. Download a full copy of the event registration and liability waiver here.

May 31 - June 1

The 16th Annual Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic 
Please call us at 405-271-6552 for more information.

June 8, 2019
The Fish Bowl benefiting OK Kids Korral
We are thrilled to announce a brand new event this year called The Fish Bowl. The tournament is part of the annual Sand Bass Festival in 2019 and we are honored to partner with such a popular community event. All proceeds from the fishing tournament go to the operations of OK Kids Korral. First place in the Bass division is $10,000. So, sign up here!
Click here for a complete copy of the rules.

If you would like to be a sponsor of any of our events, please email us at or call us anytime at 405-271-6552.
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Movies Can Play a Big Role in Cancer Support Programs

on August 17, 2016

“People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.”

~ Nicole Yatsonsky


There is so much truth to that statement by Ms. Yatsonksy, and seemingly even more so with the kids at the Korral. Movies can not only enhance creativity and foster strong imaginations, but they aid in acclimation to new experiences. They can be great lessons in dealing with fear, stress, or anxiety, and they can be wonderful representations of forming friendships or making stronger connections with loved ones. Movies can be a source of conversation topics or a way to temporarily escape the struggles of current circumstances. It is for all of these reasons that movies are one of the most cherished items, here, at our home for kids battling cancer.


“But what movies are the kids watching these days?” you might ask. Fortunately, the popular magazine, Parenting is here to the rescue! They’ve listed the top 20 Must-See movies for kids, but in the interest of brevity, we’re going to share the top ten. For the full list, click here.


1) Pollyanna, Rated G

2) The Goonies, Rated PG

3) The Land Before Time, Rated G

4) Newsies, Rated PG

5) The Sandlot, Rated PG

6) Little Manhattan, Rated PG

7) The Time Machine, Rated G

8) Wall-E, Rated G

9) Chicken Run, Rated G

10) Blank Check, Rated PG


Movies have the power to change a day, change an attitude, or even change a life for the better. We are so fortunate to be able to witness that change. If you are looking for a fun way to help out the kids at the Korral, consider donating one of these fantastic DVDs.