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September 7, 2019
The Fish Bowl benefiting OK Kids Korral
We are thrilled to announce a brand new event this year called The Fish Bowl. The tournament is part of the annual Sand Bass Festival in 2019 and we are honored to partner with such a popular community event. All proceeds from the fishing tournament go to the operations of OK Kids Korral. First place in the Bass division is $10,000. So, sign up here! You can also print a registration form and send it to: The Toby Keith Foundation, 818 NE 8th Street, OKC, OK 73104 before Aug. 23, 2019. Download the form here.
Click here for a complete copy of the rules.

If you would like to be a sponsor of any of our events, please email us at or call us anytime at 405-271-6552.
---------------------------------------------------------------BLOGS ABOUT CANCER, WAYS TO HELP AND MORE

Support the OK Kids Korral with Donations to The Toby Keith Foundation

on March 14, 2016

Many people want to support organizations that make a difference in the lives of others, but it’s not always easy to see exactly where your money is going. As a nonprofit supported entirely by donations, The Toby Keith Foundation believes in donation transparency. We encourage donors to browse our website, contact us, and visit OK Kids Korral to see the direct effect of donations. The money we receive goes entirely to supporting the children, parents, and families who need a place of comfort while their children receive treatment.


During this difficult time in a child’s life, OKK provides lodging for children undergoing treatment and their families. We do what’s best for the children by giving them a place where they can let loose, relax, and forget about the hospital for a while. We provide luxury lodging, hot breakfasts, numerous kids’ activities, lounge areas, dining facilities, outdoor activity areas, and a family resource room, where parents can go online and accomplish tasks. OKK kindles hope in the hearts of children with cancer, and it’s all done through donations.


The Toby Keith Foundation enjoys and encourages creative donation ideas. For example, one group orchestrated a raffle at a storm shelter and donated the proceeds us. We recently had two young people donate their birthday parties to the foundation: Instead of gifts, people made donations to the Korral. Each child who benefits from these donations is given a sense of hope, comfort, and community at a time when they need it the most.


The Toby Keith Foundation is dedicated to helping children with cancer. We provide the best lodging facility for these families in Oklahoma, keeping the children the center of it all. Our foundation is a place where you can feel safe giving your donation and know it’s being used for good. Donate online today, and see the direct difference you can make to a child coping with cancer.