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September 7, 2019
The Fish Bowl benefiting OK Kids Korral
We are thrilled to announce a brand new event this year called The Fish Bowl. The tournament is part of the annual Sand Bass Festival in 2019 and we are honored to partner with such a popular community event. All proceeds from the fishing tournament go to the operations of OK Kids Korral. First place in the Bass division is $10,000. So, sign up here! You can also print a registration form and send it to: The Toby Keith Foundation, 818 NE 8th Street, OKC, OK 73104 before Aug. 23, 2019. Download the form here.
Click here for a complete copy of the rules.

If you would like to be a sponsor of any of our events, please email us at or call us anytime at 405-271-6552.
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Relaxation Techniques for Stressful Times - Part 2

on October 09, 2015

As noted in our last blog post, our focus right now is to not only provide a home for kids battling cancer, but to share tools to make that fight a little easier. Below are the final five relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety.


4) Focus on the breath. With deep breathing, you can slow the natural response to stress – heart rate and blood pressure. It also lends a sense of being in control, and is very simple to do. Start in a comfortable seat, with the spine nice and long. Inhale fully to a slow four count. Pause at the top of the breath, and then exhale completely to a slow four count. Pause at the bottom of the breath, and then repeat. Maintain this pattern until you are feeling fully relaxed.


5) A simple hug or cuddle is an effective way to decrease stress hormones and lower blood pressure. This cuddle can be with a loved one or a pet.


6) Counting, as odd as it may sound, is an excellent way to begin to calm the mind. Begin by finding a comfortable seat or lie in a relaxing position, and then close your eyes. Take deep, measured breaths, and slowly count backward from five. Each time you reach number one, repeat until you feel focused and calm.


7) Find a mantra or positive affirmation that resonates with you, and when you begin to feel anxious or tense, find stillness with your body and begin to slowly repeat it to yourself. It should be a statement that speaks to you, but good examples are:

            ~ I am brave and strong.

            ~ I believe in myself.

            ~ I feel calm.

            ~ I am positive and happy.

            ~ I am loved.


8) Employ muscle relaxation techniques. Lie down comfortably, and close your eyes. Begin by imagining that your left toes feel heavy, weak, and relaxed. Move that feeling to your left foot, then to your left ankle, and work all the way up the left leg. Maintain that feeling, and move to the right toes. Repeat this process until your entire right leg is ‘turned off’. Then work your way up the rest of your body.


It’s important to note that these techniques aren’t a cure for stress or anxiety, but they are great tools in helping you manage these negative feelings. A large part of our mission at our home for kids battling cancer is to provide support and coping mechanisms as they fight to become well. If you have any methods that you would like to share, please post them below or share them with us on facebook.