Our Priorities

Lodging for Pediatric Cancer Patients | Cancer Support Programs

Many pediatric cancer patients in Oklahoma must travel hours a day to receive treatment. For families, the toll of traveling to and from treatment can be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. Often, the children are left feeling ill and tired. OK Kids Korral is not their home, but with love and encouragement, we will strive to make it the next best thing.

A child is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes. Thankfully, advances in cancer treatments have resulted in a promising survival rate increase from about 10% in the 1950s to 77% today.

The Toby Keith Foundation opened the doors of OK Kids Korral in January 2014. We are 100% focused on OK Kids Korral and are looking for partners to stand with us as we continue to welcome families through our doors.

Our Priorities - Toby Keith Foundation

Our Journey

In 2014, OK Kids Korral opened its doors to 525 family visits with stays lasting anywhere from overnight to 30 days. Word spread about our services, and in 2015 the Korral nearly doubled its numbers by welcoming 720 family visits. The house again saw in increase in 2016 with 768 family visits and in 2017, the Korral welcomed 956 family visits. OK Kids Korral has provided services to families from 63 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma, plus families from Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona and countries overseas.

In Oklahoma, about 150 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. This leaves a heavy financial impact on families. Parent surveys reveal that 32.5% spend more than 40 hours per week caring for their sick child; 38.4% noted that one adult had to stop working because of the diagnosis (The American Childhood Cancer Organization). The Korral could save a family of four well over $10,000 per year.